RCLÓ Cosmetics


$150 $240

Get the entire RCLÓ collection (a $240 value)

Every item is vegan, cruelty free, and waterproof. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented due to having primer built in. The lipglosses are non-sticky and long lasting. The highlighters are a creamy powder with primer built in.

In this, you get:

1 x The Pyro Palette

1 x In The Rough Palette

1 x Magnetic Fields Highlighter

1 x Sub Zero Highlighter 

1 x Carbon Gold Highlighter

1 x Pink Steel Highlighter

1 x Baby Glow Liquid Glass

1 x Cut Diamond Liquid Glass

1 x Honey Dipped Liquid Glass

1 x Cosmic Drip Liquid Glass

1 x Infrared Liquid Glass

1 x Deep Flame Liquid Glass

1 x Candy Floss Liquid Glass

 *Discounts don't apply*

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